There are three aspects to what we do here in Monument and Colorado Springs…

#3. Telling a Great Story!

Our premier product combines images and storytelling to produce anything from a single fine art piece through to a 200+ page book. Everyone has a Great Story! and each is unique. You select the type of final product you want; that determines your final investment. We'll work with you to ensure you receive the best product options and price based on what you’d like to see as your desired outcome. It's all determined based on your specific requests and includes everything required to create the finished product—including design work, photography, interviews and writing. See the examples below.



A few Great Stories!

Please call or email us to begin the process of providing a quote on your Great Story! 719-481-1130 or


Here are a few examples of Great Story as individual Fine Art pieces:

See what’s possible. What’s your inspiration?



An example of a beautiful photograph accompanied by a short narrative about the subject. This creative writing is a great way for family or friends to help us tell a story about someone they really love! This piece, and its companion piece, were presented both as a framed print and as a canvas wrapped print – both were beautiful. You talk about your loved one and let us put it in words. We’ll take the photo, as we did with “Tony,” or you can send us your great photo, and we’ll put it together.

Click to see: Tony


Tell your Great Story! in a booklet  

“Judy” – A Personal Profile

A life well lived is something to treasure. One of Judy’s friends thought her journey and philosophy remarkable enough to give her the gift of a 9” x 7” 8-page booklet with her photo and story.

Click to see: Judy


Tell your Great Story! in a booklet   Tell your Great Story! in a booklet   Tell your Great Story! in a booklet   Tell your Great Story! in a booklet