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Janice Dahl - Great Story - Sedona, Arizona

Janice Dahl is an award-winning journalist and photographer who loves working with people. With a strong background in newspaper and magazine journalism, she found her niche in writing stories about the lives of all kinds of people. She won numerous news photography awards but most notable were those capturing shots of people.


“I meet people every day with these amazing stories, stories they should be putting down on paper,” she says. “And they have these beautiful faces, and they don’t even know it. I want people, all people, to have chance to tell their stories to the people they care about.”


Janice grew up in Colorado Springs and worked in Nebraska, Colorado, Missouri and Sedona, Arizona before moving back to the Monument area.


She wrote and took pictures from the time she was a child, but shies away from landscapes. It’s the people that draw her.




Bill Dahl - Great Story - Monument, Colorado

Bill is an accomplished, award winning photographer. He’s been working on his photographic skills since high school and continues to seek improvements to this day. In the early years he concentrated on landscape and animal photography, moving on to “people” through his professional position as Executive Director for the Botanical Society of America. He was able to spend many hours honing his techniques photographing conventions and member events. Today he works out of the family’s boutique studio in Monument, Colorado.  


“I love being behind the lens," he says. "Seeing the photograph appear-the right light, framing and the evolution to a fine art piece is just brilliant." But it takes more. "There is that next step of making the total project work in harmony to ensure we provide the best images for the customer.” Nothing sparks his passion more than having the people he’s shooting absolutely love what they see as the final pieces Great Story! provides.  


Bill was born in North Dakota, and spent time growing up in Minnesota, Montana, Oregon and Washington. Later he spent much of his adult life in New Zealand. Returning to the US, he lived in St. Louis, Missouri, Sedona, Arizona and now happily resides in Monument, Colorado.  


The Dahl’s Great Story!

The couple met in 2000 at a management conference, Janice living in St. Louis and Bill in Christchurch, New Zealand. The connection was instantaneous, but the distance was great. They decided it was worth trying to make it work. After 2 ½ years of telephone calls, instant messaging and a few romantic trips back and forth including one meet-in-the-middle trip to Hawaii, the couple decided to make it permanent. They married in 2003 and made the United States their home. Today, when couples in a long-distance relationship tell them it’s just too hard to make it work, the Dahls just laugh. When love is real, miles are really nothing at all.